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Ayumi Matsuba


Ayumi Matsuba was born in Japan.  In 2010, she earned MFA from New York Academy of Art. Her paintings have been exhibited in New York, Miami, and London. Currently, she lives and works in Singapore.


Artist statement


I often begin my painting based on the inspiration I get from nature. Even in the city environment where I live, I see beauty in pieces of nature, such as trees, flowers, water and small animals in parks and sidewalks. 

My recent works are loosely representational with many visible brushstrokes. Although I start with representational images, from a certain point, I ignore the original picture and paint from my imagination. The process is very fluid and organic. Thus the outcome is quite different from the initial image. The objects get fragmented and the lines between objects become blurred. As a result, the painting becomes the combination of my inner landscape and what I saw in the outer landscape.

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