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Ayumi Matsuba


Ayumi Matsuba was born in Japan.  In 2010, she earned MFA from New York Academy of Art. Her paintings have been exhibited in New York, Miami, and London. Currently, she lives and works in Singapore.


Artist statement


In my paintings, I am trying to capture the moments that I feel I’m part of nature in my everyday life. It can be the moment when I step out of my apartment building to get my groceries and feel the wind hit my face and smell the humid air. Another time, it’s the moment I see the sky changing its colour when I’m walking over an overpass with my kids after I pick them up from their after school activities. Those moments are very significant in that I feel connected to something bigger than myself. My paintings are inspired by the sceneries, the feeling I had, the memories that were evoked, the air I felt ― the whole experience of the moments.

They are all loosely representational with many brush marks. I always start the paintings by a rough sketch of objects or sceneries that I felt inspired by. But from a certain point, I ignore the original sketch and paint from my imagination. The process is very fluid and organic. Thus, very often the outcome becomes quite different from the initial image. The objects get fragmented and the lines between them become blurred. This way, I feel that the paintings become the rendition of my inner landscape.

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